Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Moai Movers

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and Dpirrman

My kids just watched a great episode of NOVA where scientists studied the statues of Easter Island and tried to figure out how they were moved into place. Before you get too overwhelmed by my children's interest in Polynesian archeology, I feel the need to point out that they developed their interest in Moai Heads because my husband plays Sam and Max.

Anyway, the episode could be fun and useful viewing for math and science students. What does archeology have to do with math and science, you ask? Well, to study how the Moai heads moved, the archeologists had to master concepts like center of gravity, mass, friction, normal force, work, and vectors.

Do you like learning about ancient cultures and figuring out how they did things? Then you probably want to get a good grounding in basic math and physics.

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